Frequently Asked Questions


We are located near the Apache & McClintock light rail stop in Tempe. In the same plaza as the Cricket store, across the street from Pep Boys.

1730 E Apache Blvd
Tempe AZ 85281

Our parking lot has 23 spots. If it fills up, feel free to park across the street at Pep Boys.
* Wear fitted athletic clothing
* Bring a water bottle
* A headband or hair tie for long hair
* No shoes needed
* No yoga mat needed
1. Via the AcroBody app (available on the app store and google play).


2. Via the MindBody app or website. Click here.

Drop-ins are $13 and we have class card and membership options. For more info read the next section or head on over to our pricing page.
Yes! New students get 1 week of unlimited classes for only $22. Better yet, if you become a member during your first week the $22 go towards your first month’s payment. For more info, head on over to our pricing page.
We have a water bottle filling station that is free to use. We sell granola bars ($2) and vegan protein shakes ($3.50).


Although both options cost $99 they offer different advantages. If you come about once or twice a week, the class card is a better choice since it’s valid for 3 months. If you come three times a week or more, the unlimited classes membership is better. For more info head on over to our pricing page.
Keyholders have 24x7x365 access to our studio during off-hours (as long as no class or event is scheduled). It’s the perfect membership for people who are looking for a training space, either to train by themselves or with others. There are no time restrictions, you could literally come in and train at 2am. If you are interested in our Keyholder program please give us a call at (480) 744-1114 and we can answer any questions you may have.
Nope! All of our packages are month-to-month and can be cancelled anytime. There are no setup or cancellation fees.

Open Play

Open play is a time when we open up our studio for the community to come in and play! You can do acro yoga, handstands, stretch, socialize, juggle, hoop, etc. Everyone is welcome and no partner or prior experience is required.
No formal instruction will be given. However, instructors are usually on-site participating in the open play and are happy to offer advice here and there.
Yes! Our community is full of friendly and welcoming people that are happy to show you a few things. No partner required.

Acro Yoga

Acro yoga is a blending of yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage. Students spend a majority of the class practicing with each other in small groups which helps cultivate trust, connection, and playfulness.

If you haven’t already, watch the intro video on our home page.

Nope! One of the great things about acro yoga is the ability to connect with new and different people. You can bring a partner if you like, but it’s not required. We split students into groups of 3 or 4 during class.
No, you do not need experience in yoga to be successful in acro yoga.
Absolutely! Our acro yoga level 1 classes are designed for total beginners, we encourage you to come try a class to see how accessible the practice actually is. Anyone can do it.
No problem! Acro yoga is all about building trust and connections with others. Sometimes that’s with someone you just met in class. You are always welcome to decline to do a pose if you are not comfortable in any way.

Alternatively, we offer non-partnered classes, such as flexibility, handstands, and rings.

The most important thing is progressing through moves in a smart and safe fashion. Instructors will guide you through poses in a step-by-step process so that when someone falls, the falls are usually controlled and result in laughter, not injury. Those types of falls are going to happen, and that’s great! It’s part of learning. While you’re learning, there is always a “spotter” or two right by your side to catch you. It also helps that our studio floor is padded.

What we don’t recommend, and where it can get dangerous, is attempting moves a) without a spotter b) on a hard surface c) too advanced for your skill level.

Trying something new is scary, and while we carefully minimize any way that someone could get hurt, falling (and getting back up) is part of the process.

The base is the person who is typically on the floor throughout the pose, and who holds up the flyer. The flyer is the person who is lifted into the air and moved around by the base. The spotter is someone who is right by their side in case someone falls (or just needs a boost).
Nonsense! As a new base, we’ll start you off with a flyer that is similar to your size. As you get more comfortable in this role, you can base people larger than you, no problem!
You can learn any pose and any position you want to learn. Acro is for any shape or size. We’ll help find you a partner you’re comfortable learning with.
Who doesn’t love to play around sometimes? While it’s critically important for a child’s development, an unstructured, non-competitive time for fun is vital for grown-ups as well. It helps you to de-stress, improve relationships and connections to others, and keeps you feeling young and energetic.


Of course you can attend! Our flexibility classes will help you become more flexible, regardless of how flexible you are. You will learn how to stretch while also building the muscles required to use your flexibility safely.


Absolutely! Whether you have never successfully done a handstand or you have a solid handstand practice, this class will progress your practice! You will learn techniques, progressions, and conditioning exercises to safely achieve a stable handstand.
Yes, we will have you work against the wall to build strength, and work with spotters without a wall. As you progress, you will learn how to develop a solid “exit strategy” for coming out of handstands no matter where you are. This makes practicing off the wall safe and achievable.
It takes time to strengthen the wrists to be able to comfortably support your full body weight. You will learn exercises, stretches, and progressions to enable your wrists and shoulders to hold handstands for extended periods of time. Handstands are challenging, and you will likely get sore, but they should never be painful.


Rings are a type of gymnastics apparatus. In our rings classes you do various exercises that help build upper body and core strength.
No, everyone is welcome! Each exercise has a beginner, intermediate, and advanced variation so you can work at your level.